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Who is

meheadshotsmall Who the heck is this guy?

Hi, My name is Mike Hagerty. I have been roaming around on the net since way back in the early 90's, back when a 56k modem was like a rocket! It's pretty hard to believe how far we have come since then.

Anyway I started my quest to find ways to make money online and work from home way back then. I realized the potential to reach a massive customer base but had no idea how to go about doing it or where to start.

Well that's my goal here, to help you find your way to online profits and working from home, and in addition help you steer clear of the hype and scams that abound on the internet.


In The Beginning....

As I said above back around 1993 I got my first computer and didn't have the foggiest idea what the heck I was doing. I had been injured at work and was laid up for almost 3 years. After about 6 months of laying around my apartment I began to go stir crazy with not being able to work, so I invested in one of those "new fangled" computers everyone was talking about.

I remember unpacking that first computer, (a Compaq 386  running windows 3.1 with a whopping 160Mg hard drive and a whole 16Mg of ram and it set me back almost 2 grand!). So I  began following the instructions to get it hooked up, and couldn't figure out how to turn it on!  Well after a bit of trial and error, and finally deciding to read the directions, it worked!

I eventually began looking into getting online. Let me tell you, and some of you may actually remember way back in the days of dial up, the internet was nothing like it is today. Everybody either logged in through companies like America Online or Compuserve, or Prodigy.

You couldn't just call up and get internet access. I remember finding a place to play MUD's, (multi user dungeon, think of World of Warcraft in text only!), and I was hooked. Then I got my phone bill. See back then you had to dial up the nearest place with internet access to connect. Well not having a clue at the time I didn't realize the place I had to call  to log in was long distance call from where I was. Imagine my surprise when the phone bill came.....just a tad over $500! Ouch!

So I called up my local phone company crying about my bill and thank god they had just gotten set up to offer internet access for a flat monthly fee. Many places at that time charged you by the hour to be online. And for internet junkies like me that could get just a bit expensive!

So then I decided to try and figure out how to make these web pages that were starting to pop up everywhere. I did some research and taught myself html and started making web pages for myself and for some friends.

Unfortunately for my rising webmaster skills my first daughter was born and I had to get a 2nd job. So my days of playing on the internet faded into parenthood.

Fast forward about 15 years and here I am back into it full force and bound and determined to figure out how to make money online. It seemed like everyone was doing it so I figured why can't I?

Well I had no clue what I was getting into. My dream of working at home from the internet turned into more like a nightmare. Hence the reason for this site. Hopefully I can help you to avoid some of the pitfalls I have discovered along the journey. Between "information overload", scams, hype, etc. it has certainly became more like a nightmare.

So this site is here for two purposes, one is obviously for me to make some money!, and the other is to try and help you do the same. I will share what I have learned along the way and try and keep you from making the same mistakes I did along the way.

Ok...enough about me. Let's get back to you and helping you figure out the mysteries of making money online!


Born: back in the days of the dinosaurs if you are asking my kids.

Interests: anything to do with computers or the internet, along with reading everything I can get my hands on, also a huge movie junkie.

Kids: 2 girls who have dad wrapped around their little fingers, (especially when it's time for homework, or chores, or anything else that drags them away from their computers)!

What else: I don't know what else to tell you. If you have any other questions you'll have to ask me. 8 )


Mission Statement:

To try and help others to avoid some of the trials and tribulations I made in my journey to make a living online.

Oh yeah, and to try and make some money! 8 )


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