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How to create your own website


I have had so many requests from people saying they have no idea how to create their own web site so I decided to create a video showing you how.
I have included a link below the video that will take you to the page to download the free program I used in this how to video.

The program is called My Free Web Site Builder and it's from Ewen Chia, and best of all .... it's FREE! So jump down to the download link and get your own copy, then come on back and watch the video!


Click here to view the video
(I want to apologize for the video. I was just getting over a cold and probably clear my throat about 100 times...sorry about that)

More videos will be coming. If you have any particular area that you are having problems with and you would like to see a how to video to show you what to do, please send me an email at How To Video Requests and let me know. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the video!

Click the image below to get your own free copy of My Free Website Builder from Ewen Chia!

free web site builder program