Adeel Chowdhry's Overnight Affiliate Cash Reviewed

     Overnight Affiliate Cash
-  Is This Another One Of Those 'Us vs. The Gurus', Let's Bash 'Em All, Then Become a Rich Super Affiliate Overnight Type Product?

     If it is, we've seen enough of these types of products already and don't need any more! – Here Is The Special Report You Need to Read Before You Even Think  of Taking a Look at The Overnight Affiliate Cash Guide and Videos...


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   Adeel Chowdhry's Overnight Affiliate Cash Reviewed

From The Desk of:
 Mike Hagerty
Location: Gibsonia, PA
Product: Overnight Affiliate Cash

Review Date: July, 10, 2008


     You may already know that I am an internet marketing nut that eats, sleeps and dreams internet marketing.

     I've been personally generating very good money online for a few years now and I still to this day pick up all the latest Clickbank products that promise huge amounts of wealth online .

     Why do I do that? Because it's all about just finding that one extra gold nugget or technique amongst all the crap, which I can learn from and take to implement in my business, to ultimately make me MORE money.

     There are tiny things I have picked up over the years (which other people have laughed at and dismissed) which have been responsible for $25,000+ increase in sales. I didn't say I know everything and I know you don't either. There are still plenty of smart people out there to learn just have to find them.

     I also publish reviews of these purchases in order to help others make balanced and logical decisions before investing their hard earned cash into them.

     There are a lot of biased reviews out there and people know what I do, so they regularly come to me for straight shooting advice and recommendations.

     I recently managed to pick up a pre-launch copy of Overnight Affiliate Cash, created by a 25 year old guy in the UK called Adeel Chowdhry.

     Having never heard of him before I Googled him and found that he's got a Google video product out on getting cheap PPC traffic.

     Anyway, let me take you through what I thought of this product...

     Looking at the sales page, I thought "here we go again"'s got your usual slick glossy graphics and fancy headline..."Watch me expose the Overnight Affiliate Cash method, that allowed me to compete against the big fat guru's to promote Product Launch 2, with no list, no experience and generated $5991 in sales, giving me a sick 51% commissions!".

     With experience you can usually tell from a persons headline what the product will be like and if it's worth investing in or not.

Overnight Affiliate Cash Review

Overnight Affiliate Cash

     The best type of products are ones in which you can follow a person behind the scenes into their business and learn from exactly what they did and how they did it. It's like a backstage pass. You get to see things that normally you wouldn't - that's why they are valuable.

     But you know, most products out there are pretty much the same so I don't really get excited much when people start claiming they've made a bazillion dollars overnight.

Overnight Affiliate Cash Bonus

Overnight Affiliate Cash

OH MY GOSH! I was actually SHOCKED and pleasantly surprised as soon as I opened the eBook...Adeel literally JUMPS OUT from the eBook and starts talking on video! This is something that I have NEVER seen anyone do. I knew just then that this guy was different.

     He starts of with the introduction to his story and tells the audience that he just entered the internet marketing niche and had never promoted a product before.

     He then takes you from the beginning of his campaign to promote a product called 'Product Launch Formula 2', right up until he makes the commission. The value here is that you can take the same techniques and strategies he used to promote products yourself, effectively.

     Let's look at two of the methods he shares in Overnight Affiliate Cash.

Episode 1 - The Strategy

     This is where you usually see the product owner create a fancy sounding name for the strategy. Adeel simply called it...'The Strategy', LOL. He just gets right down to business, and I like that.

     I must admit that I already knew about this strategy and have first hand experience as to how immensely potent it is. The fact is super affiliates make a killing because of this.

Quote from sales page...
"Sending PPC traffic directly to the vendors site with your affiliate link does NOT work anymore. Let me show you the 2008 model that GUARANTEES higher conversion rates and MORE money in your pocket!"

     I can’t spell out the exact strategy because I don’t want Adeel Chowdhry to sick his lawyers on me. But I will be completely straightforward with you…

     This method is the major part of your secret weapon. The reason why it is so effective is because not many affiliates know about this, and the few that do, are too lazy to implement it or believe that it wont work. Let me tell you know that it DOES work.

     Here is a screenshot of the earnings a super affiliate generated using the same strategies - again, only a handful of people actually know and execute them. This will NEVER be outdated.


     Now here comes the cunning twist...

Episode 2 - The Leech Technique

     This opened my eyes to a totally new dimension in 'taking' prospects from other marketers and making them go through MY affiliate link!

     Adeel revealed how to only pull in people that WANT to buy the product you are promoting, thus throwing out general traffic which he says is a waste of money.

     In the right hands and used the right way, this method COMBINED with 'The Strategy', is worth more than the price of Overnight Affiliate Cash, one hundred times over - because it will continue to bring huge commissions with ANY product you promote in the future, and that is NOT an exaggeration.


Click On The Play Button Above

     In closing, this guy is genuine and I really liked the manner in which he created and delivered this product with his unique style and flair. It's pretty high quality and I picked up two gold nuggets that I'm going to start to implement in one of my markets. I know it will yield me some awesome results.

I can't forgive Adeel for not bringing this out earlier. I've wasted so much time and a money in the past. I feel like I've found the end of the rainbow and that pot of gold. Everybody is going to want a bit of this action.

     If you're looking for a long, 100 page+ fluff guide then this is not for you. If you want a blueprint that is short and straight to the point, I highly recommend you add Adeel Chowdhry's Overnight Affiliate Cash to your arsenal of powerful strategies and marketing guides.


      Here is my verdict...

Adeel Chowdhry's Overnight Affiliate Cash

Overnight Affiliate Cash


My Overall Rating:

Step By Step Guide
Can Start With Very Little Money
Quality Of Content
Easy To Understand
Value For Money
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

     It has been quite a while since I have rated a product fairly high. I enjoyed reading the guide and watching the videos so much I would like to give you an extra reason to invest in Overnight Affiliate Cash. If you decide to purchase Overnight Affiliate Cash now through my affiliate link, you will receive the following kick ass bonuses...


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   This is yet another fantastic bonus that will not only compliment your purchase of Overnight Affiliate Cash but will also make you money by you being able to rebrand and then sell!

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Mike Hagerty



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