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Hey it's the  Resources page.....



 Uh Oh.... you caught me working.....


Welcome to the Resources Page. This page will have just about everything you can think of in the way of work from home resources. I will have articles and tips from all the big wig gurus. Links to all sorts of free programs and information, and much more.


So please stop back periodically and look for new updated files. I hope to have a lot more info up here for you soon and will add to it regularly. Thanks!



Free Software

Hey my buddy Ewen Chia just shot me off an email to let me know his Free Web Site Creator Program is available. Click on the link below and check it out. I can't believe  he is giving this software away for free!
 I have created a how to video showing you how to create your own web site right here using the program above.

 Use Open Office is a great program to get if you don't have Microsoft Office. Besides the fact that it's free, it offers a complete suite of programs, word processing, spreadsheets, data base, etc. just like MS Offices, and it enables you to create .pdf files for things like E-books, reports, etc. This is a must have if you are going to be creating information products and need a solution for creating .pdf files.

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Encyclopedia of Online Adv.


Internet Marketing Quick Start


Little Know Laws of Success


What To Sell Online


8 Bum Marketing Mistakes


Crushing Yahoo


Easy ClickBank Cash


Winning The Sale


Newbie Guide - Resale Right


List Building


Killer Adsense Report


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