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Welcome To The Reviews Page!

meimage Yikes! you caught me working again....

I have some reviews posted here, and I will add more as time permits.

 I am working on the Resources Page mainly for now. I wanted to get these few reviews up here for you as I believe they are some of your best options if you are looking for a program to help you get started in your online business.

 This page will be reviews of products and programs I have purchased and used. Some are excellent and some are real duds. Anyway let me get back to work!



OAC book imageOvernight Affiliate Cash

Overnight Affiliate Cash is a program by a friend of mine by the name of Adeel Chowdhry. Adeel spent his first few years online becoming an Ebay guru, and was quite successful. He decided to branch out and investigate the Internet Marketing scene.

His first big product was Google Ads Free - The Video. Adeel did it the way everyone should. He didn't try to reinvent the wheel. He took an existing product and put his own twist on it. And Google Ads Free - The Video was born.

Adeel's next project Super Quick Videos Membership was another successful idea. Quick, informative videos, on a variety of different problems newcomers may face in the world of online marketing. Another slam dunk.

And now we come to his next endeavor, Overnight Affiliate Cash. This program takes you through the ins and outs of how to become an affiliate mastermind. Now the title may be a bit misleading as you know, you are not going to become an affiliate mastermind overnight. But this concise, to the point, no frills, report will give you all the information you need to be on your way to actually making some money with your affiliate programs.

Adeel has got a couple of great bonuses to go along with this program, including a $1 trial of his Super Quick Videos package, and I have added a bonus of my own to sweeten the deal. Usually marketers add tons of different bonuses on these deals, and half the time it's for programs or products you don't really need or want. So I decided to add a bonus everybody needs. Cold Hard Cash!

That's right, if you purchase Overnight Affiliate Cash through my link, I will give you a 20% rebate on your purchase price. Just send me a copy of your Clickbank receipt along with your Paypal address and I will deposit 20 % of your purchase price into your Paypal account. This applies to the Overnight Affiliate Cash program as well as the up-sell he offers.

The only stipulation to this offer is that you must wait until the 56 day return period expires. I cannot give you your 20% rebate until after the refund time is up. Unfortunately there are a few unscrupulous people out there who would try and take advantage of this offer and the only way to control this is by waiting until the refund time period expires.

So there you have it, another one hit out of the park by Adeel. Now head on over to Overnight Affiliate Cash and pick up you copy today!















The programs and products I review on this page have been purchased and thoroughly tested by me. I wont just put a program up and just push it on you without trying it out first.



Jim Daniels EZWebBuilder

I LOVE Jims program. I believe this is one of the best programs out there today. It's not to pricey, and it offers loads of information as well as really cool "instructor" who takes you step by step through his course. This is a "must have" for anyone serious about starting their own online biz.


Jim has been doing this for over 10 years and is extremely successful. If you follow the above link to his free Work at Home Plan, which gives you more info on his program, make sure you click the "key" image at the bottom of the order form so you don't get charged the $97 price tag.


I know you will love it as well. Jim is one of the few online marketers that I really trust. He is dedicated to helping you get your online business up and running successfully. And he doesn't bury you in emails promoting everything under the sun 5 times a day either.



Ewen Chia AutoPilot Profits

Ewen Chia is probably one of the best known names in Internet Marketing. I was impressed with his information and ease to follow. He has an excellent reseller program for this product which enables you to make additional income by selling his program yourself and you get to keep all the profits yourself! Low price as well only $27.00, at the time I am writing this review.














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