Hosting your site free VS. paid?

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Today’s post deals with the issues of web hosting. If you’re going to have a web site you’re going to need a hosting provider. Your main decision will be to go with paid or free hosting.

When most internet marketers are just starting out, monthly expenses play a large part in how they go about setting up their E-Commerce site. Hosting from an internet hosting service is a recurring expense that many feel they can avoid by choosing a free hosting service.

While there are many free hosting services available, it is NOT in your best interest to choose a free one. As tempting as it may be to avoid that $10, $20 or more m0nthly expense, it’s definitely not the choice you should make.

In a few circumstances it may be unavoidable to start with with free hosting . But for the most part paid service is going to be your best bet.

Most of your free hosting services obviously are not free out of the goodness of their hearts. They are in this to make money, just like everyone else. So if they are not charging you for their service where is the money coming from? Advertising, that's where, first and foremost if a site is offering free hosting service, they are getting at least part of their revenue through selling ad space. And where is that ad space? On your website.

It can be in the form of banner ads, pop ups, or a variety of other ways. But somewhere along the way your site will be advertising for the host company or for someone who has paid the host company to run their ads.

Now your main goal here is to make sales and collect the cash, right? So why do you want to advertise on your site for someone else? Especially when you are getting no benefit from it? The only ads that you want on your site are your own affiliate ads, where if someone clicks on that ad you are getting income from the click or from the purchase they make when they get to the advertisers site, or your own ads for your own products.

When you are trying to convince someone to part with their hard earned money, trust and credibility are probably the two main points you need to develop with your potential customer. When someone comes to your site, and it’s a free hosting site, 9 times out of 10 the visitor is going to be able to tell it’s a free hosting deal. Do you really think that person is going to be willing to purchase something from someone who can’t even afford the price of monthly hosting, or going to trust the products you are selling? Probably not.

If you absolutely have NO money to start with I suppose a free site is better than no site, but do yourself a favor, as soon as you can, make the switch to paid hosting. Your credibility and integrity will improve by leaps and bounds over the free hosted site.

Another disadvantage to free hosting is the lack of good support as well as all the bells and whistles that usually do NOT come with a free hosting package. So if you absolutely have to go with free hosting to start out with, then do it. You can always upgrade to a paid hosting plan as soon as finances allow it. Remember lack of taking action is the number one reason why many internet marketers don’t get off the ground. Don’t be one of the ones sitting around all day “thinking” about making money online, get off your rear end and do something!

I personally use GVO for my hosting service. I think they're one of the best around, but the Titanium package that I use is $44.95 per month. That's money well spent in my opinion as GVO offers a ton of extra's for that money. Things like their own auto responder service, online conferencing, video producing service, and a bunch of other stuff. If you follow the link you can see everything they offer.

I initially signed up with them when I found out how many of the "big name guru's" like Mike Filsame, Stephen Pierce, Ewen Chia, Michael Cheney, Jeff Johnson, Tellman Knudson, and many others, all use GVO for their hosting service. I was a little unsure when I saw how much it was per month as their are many other less expensive services out there, but I'm glad I went with these guys. They rock! They're the only hosting company I know who specialize in helping you make money with your site. The tools they offer are second to none.

But if you're just starting out and can't really afford that much for hosting another excellent provider is Hostgator. At the time I'm writing this you can get a basic hosting plan  from Hostgator for about $10 a month. They may not offer all the extras that GVO does, but they still offer good service for a low price.

Well that’s it for today, good luck and remember all my subscribers get free one on one help with all their internet marketing madness. So head on over to my site I Love Working On The and sign up for my free newsletter, and get your biz going!

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